Used Cars, Trucks and SUVs For Sale in Winston Salem, NC!

Why Benchmark Auto Sales?

Prices shown are weekly payments. Alternative financing options are available. All advertised payments subject to change based on qualifications and contingent upon approval and may not apply to each individual. Please contact Benchmark Winston Salem, LLC for complete details. With Benchmark what you see is what you get... We are a simple and straightforward dealership in Winston Salem that offers mechanically sound and affordable vehicles.

Low Money Down

We post the minimum down payment requirement on every vehicle and this includes tax, tag, etc. You will not need anything more than what we post to drive off the lot with the car.

No Credit Checks

We do not check credit so anything negative on it does not have to be discussed. Approvals are based on your job and affordability.

What Leasing a Used Car at Benchmark Includes

We include a powertrain warranty that lasts the entire time you are making payments*. We include roadside assistance for our warranty program. We include a GAP waiver. We pay the property taxes. We include oil changes every six months. We include a full tank of gas. We have a new car every 13 months program. Don't want a long term commitment? We are okay with that too! After 13 months you can lease another vehicle or simply walk away.**

Everything We Do Is In House

We never sell our accounts to outside companies. This includes the warranty, GAP waiver, roadside assistance, etc. This means you will never have to deal with a 1-800 number or anyone other than us concerning anything that may come up with your vehicle or account.

Professionally Serviced Used Cars

All of our vehicles have been serviced by certified professional mechanics and we are more than happy to provide you with detailed service records. Still don't believe it? Take it to a mechanic of your choice for an inspection before you buy or lease.

Flexible Terms and Payment Options

You can structure your payments how they fit you. Weekly, Monthly, Bi-weekly, Check, Credit Card, Debit Card, Auto Draft... You decide, we are flexible. All payments are final and non-refundable for any reason.

No Pressure Staff

We maintain a no pressure, laid back environment where you can shop without having a salesperson in your back pocket the entire time you are here.

Shop Used Cars Online or On the Lot

We post everything online so you can choose to shop here or at home and still get all of the information you need without any hassles, ever!

Trade-Ins Accepted

We will consider almost ANY trade-in. The value of the trade can be used against your down payment. Bring your vehicle in for a quote!

*Warranty not included on less than $500 down vehicles. Mileage restrictions apply.
**$100 early termination fee is required. ***We do not refund payment for any reason.

Shop By Make

Looking for something specific? Shop by make for the vehicle you're looking for!

Buick (2)

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Jeep (1)

Kia (2)

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Mazda (3)

Nissan (5)

Saturn (1)

Subaru (1)

Toyota (3)

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