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We do things the right way at Benchmark Winston Salem because we believe it is our responsibility to provide our customers with quality cars that run the entire time you are paying for them. Simply stated, we want to change the way traditional in-house financing works and our new program does just that! By leasing vehicles we are able to offer a level of customer service that is typically only found when you go to new car franchises. Our payments are cheaper, our down payments are cheaper, your benefits are better and your options are greater when you lease through us(see below). All of this is done in a no nonsense and no pressure environment where you will be treated with respect and appreciated as our customer.

New Program Features

We are so confident in our vehicles that we include a powertrain warranty for the life of the lease on every vehicle financed through BMWS!* And this warranty is through us... meaning you will never have to call a third party on a 1-800 number and fight with them about fixing something. If it is broken, we will fix it. It's as simple as that. Actually, everything we do is in house so you will only have to talk with us about any problems that may arise over the life of your lease. We also pay the property taxes on the vehicle for the life of the lease. We include GAP insurance for the life of the lease. We cover towing charges for vehicles needing a warranty repair for the life of the lease. We include oil changes every six months and we have options for you to get into a new vehicle every 13 months. That's right, drive a different car every 13 months!!** This is all included in the posted down payment and weekly payments, meaning we will never ask you for more money than what we already have posted online. With BMWS what you see is what you get!

Our approvals are based on 20% of your net income and we do not ever check your credit. Our entire philosophy is based on the fact that financing a car should be simple. Come see the difference for yourself today!

*Warranty not included on less than $500 down vehicles. Mileage restrictions apply.
**$100 early termination fee is required.

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