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In-House Financing (through us, no credit check required):

For our in-house lease financing plans, we do NOT check credit because we base our approvals on your job, affordability and friendliness. You have to have a smile and your payments have to be less than 20% of your net income to be approved. No joke, we only want to do business with friendly and happy people who appreciate the same in return!

To calculate what you are approved for, multiply your after tax (take home) pay by 20%. Your weekly payment has to be less than this amount. For example, if you take home $400 per week after taxes, you qualify for an $80/wk payment (400 x 20% = 80). If you take home $650 per week after taxes, you qualify for an $130/wk payment (650 x 20% = 130). Our average payments run $75 - 135/wk and are listed next to each vehicle in our inventory section. You are also welcome to pay monthly if you set up your payments on auto draft.

If you qualify for a payment that is less than what we have posted, you can put more money down to lower the payment to where you need it to be to qualify based on your income.

*Our listed down payments are out-the-door down payments, meaning they include tax, DMV fees, etc. You will not need more than what we have posted to leave the dealership with the vehicle if you meet the criteria for qualification mentioned above.

*We are not able to use for hire commercial driving income (e.g. Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, etc.) for approvals, and our in-house leased vehicles are not allowed to be used for hire privately or commercially for any reason. All our in-house leased vehicles are permitted for personal use by the specific individual(s) on the lease contract only.

What you need to bring with you in order to get approved for our in-house leasing options:

- North Carolina Driver's License
- Proof of Income (last two pay stubs or last two bank statements)
- Proof of Residence (Utility bill or something comparable)
- Down Payment (Checks not accepted)
- Insurance

Benchmark Auto Lease Details

*Standard lease plans range from 24-48 months and have a purchase option. No security deposit is required. Mileage restrictions apply. See dealer for complete details.
*All leases are able to be canceled early with a termination fee.
*All vehicles listed for in-house lease financing are offered exclusively as operating leases and will have a down payment listed next to them under our inventory tab. If there is not a down payment listed, the vehicle is only available for outside financing or cash sale.
*Alternative financing options are available. All advertised payments are subject to change based on qualifications, contingent upon approval and may not apply to each individual.
*Trade offers and credit approvals are subject to change without notice and at dealer's sole and absolute discretion.
*Please see dealer for complete details.
*All payments are final and non-refundable for any reason.

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